Welcome to Gordon's Garage!
Hi there, and welcome to Gordon's Garage, a site for fans of early Datsuns, particularly the 1962-1970 Roadster. I got hooked on Datsuns back in about 1969 and was fortunate enough to buy one of the rare 1967 2000's in 1971. At the time, I had no idea it was rare (only about 800 were made); it was simply a fun little sports car with lots of power. Over the years I have come to appreciate the significance of these cars.

When I first built this site, I tried to include a lot of 510 and Z-car information, but there is simply too much to cover and other people are doing a great job on those cars. I do provide links to some of the better (and more central) 510 and Z Web sites, as well as other Datsun/Nissan sites. But a lot of the technical and driving-related information found here will apply to all cars and drivers.

Since the name of this site has led to some confusion, let me clarify one thing right up front: This is NOT a commercial site - there is no classifieds area, nor am I in the parts supply or car repair business. I chose this name because, whenever my friends came over, we always seemed to wind up out in the garage, so I decided to "invite" the rest of the world in, too. I do try to provide information on some of the more arcane aspects of Datsuns, but I do not do it as a business.

So come on in, look around and enjoy. Here is the quick view. For more information on each area, roll over the navigation to your left (provided you have IE).

  • If you want eye candy, check out the "Galleries.".
  • If you are after general tech articles, including a tire size calculator and hp calculator, see the "Shop Area."
  • If you want book reviews, articles about driving. etc. see the "Roads Scholar."
  • If you are really into Datsun Roadsters, you gotta see the "Essential Roadster."
  • If you are looking for Roadster parts specifically, then visit the "Vendors."
  • If you want to see what great Web sites other people have put up, go to "People" and "Clubs."
  • Some Web pages documenting Datsun meets are in "Events."
  • If you are building a race car, or even a hot street car, check out all the parts suppliers in the "Racer Parts" area.