Club Sites
311 SkidMarks New (Summer 2001) club in the Northern California Wine Country. Lots of technical information.
BADROC * Bay Area Datsun Roadster Owners Club The premier Roadster club in the San Francisco Bay area.
Datsun Sports Owners Association (DSOA) Lots of roadsters down under. This club is in Queensland. The site is maintained by Noel Finden.
Datsun Sports Owners Australia Still more roadsters down under, this site by Rob Hewitson.
DRONE That's Datsun Roadster Owners of New England.
Fresno DROC DROC's (Datsun Roadster Owners Clubs) are popping up all over!
New Mexico Datsun Roadster Owners Club Only a few members at this point (03/04) but bound to grow.
Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club Inc. Here's another one in Melbourne! They claim to be the oldest Nissan-Datsun club in the world (founded in 1968).
NOWROC (Northwest Roadsters Owners Club) Roadster club for the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho).
Ohio Roadster Owners Club (OROC) Even got roadsters in the Heartland!
South Eastern Roadster Owners Club (SEROC) Southeastern U.S., that is. Maintained by the famous Tom Phelan, who drove his roadster from New York to San Diego to get it restored at CDM. His story of the trip is a true motoring epic.
Southern Cal Roadster Owners Club (SoCalROC) Roadster clubs are springing up everywhere! Andrew Murphy has organized this one and it's growing fast.
SP/SR Owners' Club (Japan) And a VERY big roadster club in Japan! Great pictures and artwork. Check this one out, but be aware that it starts out with a 10 sec. sound file of a roadster going up a hill, so you might not want to do this at work!
The U20 Bombers A fun site! This is a group of U.S. and Canadian 2000 enthusiasts who have formed a "Bomber Wing" where you get ranks based on how much you have been through with your 2000!
WyCROC That's Wyoming/Colorado Roadster Owners Club. This one's sort of a "non-club" club. Casual and they have a lot of fun.
"The Dime Quarterly" A great 510 site.
510 Again Never too many 510 clubs!
Sydney Datsun Club Australian club. Cool 510s, very large pictures. Hope you have a high-speed connection.
The 510 Club of BC A very active Canadian 510 club that has been around for quite a while.
Datsun Sports Car Club of Japan Not all the English-language pages work, but it's a cool site anyway. Includes some Roadster stuff (after all, the roadster and the Z are both Fairladys).
Internet Z-Car Club Very extensive site maintained by Carl Beck.
The "Original" Z-Car Home Page This is the Australian page that was the start for the Z-Car Home Page.
The 240-Z Internet Club Specific to the 240 model.
Thousand Island Zed Car Club The latest addition to this esteemed list of clubs comes from Eastern Ontario, Canada. Nice site. They have their newsletter back issues available in PDF format, too.
Z and ZX Club of Holland This is actually just their Links page, since most of the site is in Dutch. But there's lots to browse here.
Z Car Club of Sydney Lots of Datsuns down under. Or is that Dattos?
Z Car Magazine A grassroots effort that is lookin' good!
Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC) ZONC is actually one of the oldest Z-Car clubs in the country, I believe. Very extensive site.
Z-Car Club of Washington (State) Another local (to me, at least) club. Very extensive site. Primarily Z-oriented but also has some 510 stuff and may have roadster content in the future.
Other A great introductory site about autocrossing.
Datsun Friends Belgium Yes, there are Datsun fans in Europe, too. As of Nov 2004, they don't have the English-language version up yet, but they say it's on the way.
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine A great magazine for autocrossers and hobbyists.
Import Performance Page A collection of links to clubs, vendors and people.
Int'l Conference of Sports Car Clubs Club racing organization for the Pacific Northwest.
Northwest Region SCCA The SCCA Group in Puget Sound.
Sports Car Club of America "The" sports car club in this country - since 1948.
Team.Net Automotive Information Archives Possibly the biggest network of sites around.
The Car Connection Kind of an e-zine of car news. Not Datsun-related but an intersting site nevertheless.
The Car Connection Kind of an e-zine of car news. Not Datsun-related but an intersting site nevertheless.
The Race Net Describes itself as "The Internet Auto and Racing News Source." Mainly has a Pacific Northwest slant, but a good site anyway.
The Tire Rack The Tire Rack has some great information about all kinds of racing including autocrossing.
Western Washington Sports Car Council A Puget Sound area Autoslalom sanctioning body.
Other Datsuns
240sx Car Club of America Internet-based club for Nissan's later "affordable" sports car.
Datsun 1200 Club At last! A club for the 1200 lovers! These often-overlooked cars are light and can be very quick.
Datsun Friends Belgium Yes, there's now a Datsun club in Belgium! Choose your language: English, French or Belgian.
Datsun Owners Club UK See, they did import Datsuns into Britain! The club is mainly for 1967-85 cars but not exclusively.
Datsun Truck Tech For all you truck people out there, here's a site about the 1960-1986 Datsun/Nissan trucks. Good site.
Eastern Oregon Datsun Owners Lots of Datsun clubs in Oregon.
Japanese Auto History Photo Library This is an excellent site with pictures of the cars as far back as 1947. Too bad it doesn't go pre-WWII, but hey, this is WAY better than nothing!
NISSAN - ENJOY THE RIDE Okay, so the Nissan USA Corporate site isn't exactly a club, but it sure is Nissan/Datsun-related.
Nissan Silvia Homepage The Silvia was a two-seater coupe body on a 1600 roadster chassis. Only about 500 were built. Very rare, very cool.
Northwest Datsun Enthusiasts A Puget Sound area club for all types of Datsuns.
Northwest Datsun Owners Associaion For all Datsuns 1958-1984. This club is centered in Portland, Oregon.
Old Datsun Pickup Lovers Forum Old Datsuns live forever! Here's a forum dedicated to the early Datsun pickup trucks. BTW, these were Datsun's first entry into the U.S. market. Very popular with the farmers in central California.
The UK Nissan Skyline GT-R Register The Skyline is the killer supercar that we haven't gotten here in the US. 2+2 configuration, 2.6 liter inline 6, twin turbos, 4WD. Conservatively rated at 280 hp, it really makes well over 300 and can be tweaked to over 600! Check it out!
WWW.Datsuns.Com A ring of Datsun sites.

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