Index to the Datsun Roadster Parts Manual

I have found it frustrating at times to deal with Nissan Parts Departments when it comes to Roadster parts (although my current dealer is quite good). The new computerized system has helped some, but it still helps to have a guide to the original book. This index lists the diagrams in the manual and a brief description of what is in each section, along with links to the diagrams themselves. I hope it helps you out.

If you want the full gory detail of the entire parts manual, part numbers and everything, it is available in PDF format, courtesy of Leigh Brooks, at John Sandhoff's Web site. Expect to be patient unless you are on a fast connection - those are BIG files.

By the way, don't blame me for the sequence of these Sections - this is the way Datsun laid them out. I have organized this in the same way so that those people who have copies of the Parts Manual can find things by using this index.

Section Contents Notes
General Engine
0-1 Assy - Engine
0-2 Engine Gasket Kit (1.6 L)
0-3 Valve Regrind Kit (1.6 L)
0A-2 Assy Engine with SU Carburetor (2 L)
0A-3 Engine Gasket Kit (2 L)
0A-4 Valve Regrind Kit (2 L)
1-1 Cylinder Block (1.6 L) [1]
1-2 Cylinder Block (1.6 L) [2]
1A Cylinder Block (2 L)
2 Cylinder Head (1.6 L)
2A Cylinder Head (2 L)
2B Emission Control Device (USA & Canada) {no diagram}
2B-1 Emission Control Device
2B-2 Exhaust Emission Control
2B-3 Evaporative Control
3 Piston & Crankshaft (1.6 L)
3A Piston & Crankshaft (2 L)
4 Camshaft & Valve Mechanism (1.6 L)
4A Camshaft, Chain & Valve Mechanism (2 L)
5-1 Manifold (1.6 L) [1]
5-2 Manifold (1.6 L) [2]
5A-1 Manifold (2 L "Solex")
5A-2 Manifold (2 L "SU")
6 Oil Pump & Strainer (1.6 L)
6A Oil Pump & Strainer (2 L)
7-1 Oil Filter (1.6 L) (To E/# R-02311)
7-2 Oil Filter (1.6 L) (From E/# R-02312)
7A Oil Filter (2 L)
8-1 Carburetor (1.6 L "SU") [1]
8-2 Carburetor (1.6 L "SU")[2]
8-3 Carburetor (1.6 L "SU")[3]
8A-1 Carburetor (2 L "Solex")[1] {carburetor}
8A-2 Carburetor (2 L "Solex")[2] {linkage}
8B Carburetor (2 L "SU")
9 Air Cleaner (1.6 L)
9A-1 Air Cleaner (2 L "Solex" exc France)
9A-2 Air Cleaner (For France)
9B Air Cleaner (2 L "SU")
Fuel and Exhaust
10-1 Fuel Strainer
10-2 Fuel Pump
10A Fuel Tank (Evapo)
11 Fuel Tank (Exc. Evapo)
11A-1 Fuel Piping (To Sep. 67)
11A-2 Fuel Piping (From Oct. 67)
12 Accelerator Linkage (R Drive)
13 Accelerator Linkage (L Drive)
13A Throttle Control
14 Exhaust Tube & Muffler (To C/# SP311-03000, SPL311-17000,
SR311-00007, SRL311-00069)
14A Exhaust Tube & Muffler (From C/# SP311-03001, SPL311-17001,
SR311-00008, SRL311-00070)
Cooling System
15-1 Water Pump & Fan (1.6L Exc SPLU)
15-2 Water Pump & Fan (SPLU)
15A-1 Water Pump & Fan (2L Exc SRLU)
15A-2 Water Pump & Fan (SRLU)
16 Radiator (To C/# SP-05000, SPL-25000,
SR-04000, SRL-09000)
16A Radiator (For R. B. Steering) (From C/# SP-05001, SPL-25001,
SR-04001, SRL-09001)
Motor Mounts
17 Engine Mounting
Engine Electrical
18 Distributor (Hitachi)
19 Alternator (Mitsubishi) (1.6 L) (Exc. Emission Control)
19A Alternator (Mitsubishi) (Emission Control)
20 Starter Motor (Hitachi) (1.6 L)
20A Starter Motor (Mitsubishi) (2 L)
Chassis Electrical
21-1 Electrical Parts Mounting (1.6 L)
21-2 Electrical Parts Mounting (2 L)
22-1 Wiring (To June '69)
22-2 Wiring (From July '69)
22A-1 Electrical Unit Shows locations of electrical components
22A-2 Switch Parts (To June '69) Includes early "flat-dash"
22A-3 Switch Parts (From July '69)
22B Battery
Gauges and Controls
23-1 Meter (To E/# R-40000)
Early 1600 instruments, speedo and tach cables
23-2 Meter (From E/# R-40001 to Sept '67)
Later "flat-dash" instruments
23-3 Meter (From Oct '67 to Sept '68)
Early "rounded-dash" instruments
23-4 Meter (From Oct '68)
"Rounded-dash" tach and speedo
23-5 Tube & Oil Pressure Gauge Mechanical oil pressure gauge cluster and plumbing
24-1 Windshield Wiper (To E/# R-40000)
"Flat-dash" wiper motor and linkage (includes 67.5 2000)
24-2 Windshield Wiper (From E/# R-40001)
"Rounded-dash" wiper motor and linkage
24A-1 Windshield Washer (To E/# R-40000)
24A-2 Windshield Washer (From E/# R-40001)
25 Head Lamps
26 Front Parking & Turn Signal Lamp
26A Side Marker Lamps (USA & Canada) This graphic is inaccurate, but there isn't anything I can do about it.
26B Map Lamps
27 Rear Lamps (To June '69)
27A Rear Lamps (From July '69)
28-1 Fog & Reverse Lamps
28-2 License Lamp
28A Heater (Option)
28B Radio & Clock (Option)
29 Clutch
30-1 Transmission Not a terribly helpful diagram, just included for completeness.
30-2 Transmission Gasket Kit
31 Transmission Case (1.6 L)
31A Transmission Case (2 L)
32 Transmission Shaft & Gear (1.6 L) (Servo Synchro Type) Large image
32A Transmission Shaft & Gear (1.6 L) (Warner Type) Large image
32B Transmission Shaft & Gear (2 L) (Servo Synchro Type) Large image
32C Transmission Shaft & Gear (2 L) (Warner Type) Large image
33-1 Transmission Control (4-Speed) Shift linkage, internal and external.
33-2 Transmission Control (5-Speed) Shift linkage, internal and external.
34 Hand Brake Control Hand brake lever and mechanism.
35 Hand Brake Linkage Hand brake cables and rear pivots.
36 Propeller Shaft
37 Gear Carrier & Gear
Front Suspension and Brakes
38 Front Suspension (1) A-Arms, Spindles, Ball Joints
39 Front Suspension (2) Shocks and Sway Bar
40 Front Brake Caliper Assembly
41 Front Hub & Wheel Hub, Rotor and Bearings
Rear Suspension and Brakes
42 Rear Axle Axle Housing, Shafts, Seals and Brake Drums
Not Differential - see 37
43 Rear Brake Brake Shoes, Cylinders and Adjusters
44 Brake Master Cylinder (Single) (To E/# R-40000)
45 Clutch Master Cylinder
46-1 Clutch Operating Cylinder
46-2 Clutch Operating Cylinder (From C/# SP311-04001, SPL311-21955,
SR311-01891, SRL311-04880)
47-1 Brake Piping (Single Cylinder)
47-2 Brake Piping (Tandem Cylinder)
48 Brake & Clutch Pedal
49 Steering Gear (To Sep '67) Early worm-and-post type
49A Steering Gear (From Oct '67 To C/# SP311-05000, SPL311-25000,
SR311-04000, SRL311-09000)
Later worm-and-post type
49B Steering Gear (R-B Type) (From C/# SP311-05001, SPL311-25001,
SR311-04001, SRL311-09001)
Recirculating-ball type
50 Steering Linkage
51-1 Steering Wheel (To Sep '67)
51-2 Steering Wheel (From Oct '67)
General Chassis
52 Frame
53 Rear Suspension {Springs & Shocks}
Body and Sheet Metal
54 Body Outside View {Grille & Bumper)
55 Front Fender & Hood
55A Hood Lock Control
55B Cowl Panels & Ventilator
56 Instrument & Console Panel {but not the instruments - see 23}
56A-1 Instrument & Console Fitting (To Sep '67)
56A-2 Instrument & Console Fitting (From Oct '67)
56B-1 Windshield Glass (To Sep '67)
56B-2 Windshield Glass (From Oct '67)
57 Floor Trimming {Carpets & Related Trim}
57A Rear Outside {Rear Fenders, Rear Bumper, Side Trim, some Interior Trim}
58 Trunk Lid
59-1 Soft Top
59-2 Room Back Side View {Boot, Tonneau & Top Fasteners}
59-3 Hard Top
60 Seat (To E/# R-40000)
60A Seat (From E/# R-40001 To Sep '67)
60B Seat (From Oct '67)
60C-1 Safety Belt & Head Rest
60C-2 Safety Belt & Bar {Factory Roll Bar}
61 Door Panel
61A-1 Door Lock & Regulator (To Sep '67)
61A-2 Door Lock & Regulator (From Oct '67)
61C Set Cylinder (Voss Type) {Lock Sets}
61D Tool Kit {and Jack}
62-1 Paint, N.L. Coolant & N.C.S. Sealer
62-2 Blank Key Really good look at the key configurations
62-3 Model No. Plate

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